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Digital Marketing News- Social Trends for 2019

Digital & Social Trends for 2019

Understanding the digital marketing & social media marketing landscape, helps businesses decide on where they should be investing their marketing spend and which marketing channels yeild the best return of investment. Understand which platforms in South Africa are growing the most and at what rate, but also cross reference this to your typical customer to help you decide which platform to use as part of your digital marketing efforts.

Digital Marketing Interesting Information on Online Consumer Behaviour

Digital Marketing Interesting Information:

Online Consumer Behaviour in 2019 for South Africa. The power of digital marketing is the ability to target your exact audience in a cost effective manor, rather than telling all sorts of people who you are and what you offer, in a hopeful attempt to be appealing to some. Understand how your consumers are behaving online and what you should be doing to continue to attract new customers but retain your current customers as well.

Digital Marketing News- Social Usage

Digital Marketing News: Big Brands Using Social Media

In a business to business environment, social media isn't a natural lead generating tool, however, when used correctly, it can become the greatest conversion assisting platform. Social Media enables businesses to humanize their brands and create a conversation with many future consumers, so that when they are in-market, they consider your brand first. Many major brands in South Africa, actively use social media to continue the conversation with future and current customers.

Dalene Walters- Owner of Bobs & Beehives Hair Salon

Ideation supercharges quiet business

I have been using Ideation Digital’s integrated Digital Marketing services since August 2018. They take the time to understand my business and my marketing objectives and plan a personalized strategy for me. Statistically, certain months in the year are known for slowing down in bookings and revenue, however, working with Ideation Digital has resulted in my business breaking the normal statistic of quiet months and has turned them into buzzing months for Bobs & Beehives. Thank you Ideation Digital for being our Digital Market Partner. We really see the value in the work you execute for us. Kind Regards, Dalene Walters Managing Director of Bobs & Beehives Hair Salon

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Best Performance From A Digital Marketing Consultancy

Battery Powerzone has previously made use of other digital marketing agencies, however, neither have been able to deliver the results or the service to a similar level as Ideation Digital. Ideation Digital’s integrated Digital Marketing approach has assisted us in improving our Organic Ranking on Google by 29 positions. They have also drastically improved the performance of our Google Ads marketing delivering more than triple the amount of clicks on the same spend our previous agency facilitated and dropped our average cost per click by a third. This amazing value has resulted in an increased lead volume from 30 calls average per month to 400 calls per month and has helped us smash sales budgets as a business Thank you Ideation Digital for being our Digital Marketing Partner. Romaine Cloete Marketing Manager

Digital Marketing News- Google Ads 2019

Google Ads Statistics 2019

Read this amazing article from Power Traffick on the latest ROI statistics on your Google Ads investment. We help you initiate Google Ads, Google Search Console & Google Business and execute according to Google's best practice standards. We include full monthly reporting for your business and how it performs in the world of Google. Enjoy the read!

Cartoon of setting goals for digital marketing

Setting Goals For Digital Marketing

Your online marketing goals should cover a range of different measures to help you set, review and control performance across all of your digital marketing activities. Use the simple 5s's: - Sell ( Grow Sales ) - Speak ( Get closer to the customers through dialogue and participation ) - Serve ( Add value ) - Save ( Save costs ) - Sizzle ( Extending your brand online ). Read the full article here:

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They reduced our Cost Per Click by 13x

After using a previous digital marketing agency for approximately 7 years, and wanting to increase our digital footprint, we were referred to Ideation Digital by a mutual connection. We have been pleasantly surprised by the level of customer service delivered from Ideation Digital, in comparison to the previous agency we used, but more importantly, the difference in results delivered. Ideation Digital has helped us decrease our average cost per click on Google Ads by 13x, increasing our click volume by 1000% on the same spend we allocated to our previous agency. We used to average at 40 calls a month from our Digital Marketing efforts, but the strategic thinking and planning from Ideation Digital has increased our average call volume to 140 calls per month. Thank you, Ideation Digital, for being our Digital Marketing Partner. Kind Regards, Brian Bontekoning- Managing Director Charlie Postlethwayt- General Manager

Cartoon working on digital marketing tips

Top 10 Digital marketing Tips

Following these 10 digital marketing tips in 2019 will definitely improve your ranking and website performance to skyrocket your online presence, but also make sure you do not miss out on them. 1. Make sure you regularly Update your Website Content 2. Give value to the customer experience when he pays a visit to your website 3. Having a Local SEO Presence is Big Plus 4. Do not Forget to include your business in Google My Business page 5. Your Customers are already watching you, Build your online reputation strategy 6. Implement A Strong Call-To-Action 7. Track your website performance through analytics 8. Focus On Search Engine Optimization Strategy 9. Focus on Search Engine Marketing 10. Demographic and audience-specific Landing Pages Read the full article here:

ROI of digital marketing- Kevin Whelan

Digital Marketing News, Interesting Information and FAQs

4 Components to Calculate the ROI of Digital Marketing: 1) Average Revenue per Sale (or Average Sale Value) 2) Profit Margin 3) Lifetime Value of a Customer 4) Allowable Acquisition Cost Read this amazing article from KNVW on the right way to calculate the ROI of Digital Marketing:

Cartoon of Keyword Research for Google Ads

Why Use Google Ads?

Why use Google AdWords” and "Does Google AdWords Work?" are pretty common keyword phrase searched on Google, which suggests that there are a lot of marketers and business owners out there who have heard about Google Ads (formerly known as AdWords), but aren’t sure if and how it can work for them. Below are 10 reasons why: 1) Google Ads Is Scalable 2) Google Ads Is Measurable 3) Google Ads Is Flexible 4) Google Ads Is Faster than SEO 5) Google Ads Is (Usually) Easier than SEO 6) Google Ads Is Taking Over the SERPs 7) Google Ads Formats Can Be More Engaging than Organic Results 8) Google Ads Traffic Might Convert Better than Organic Traffic 9) Google Ads Complements Your Other Marketing Channels 10) Your Competitors Are Using Google Ads Read the full article here:

Ideation Digital News: Great Customer Service with Consistent Digital Marketing Results

I used a previous digital marketing company and after realising their customer service was not very good, but also experiencing intense fluctuations on my digital marketing results without an appropriate explanation, I started to do some of my own investigating and came across Ideation Digital. The Ideation Team helped me to understand the irregularities that were happening to my marketing and compiled a full report, explaining the details, and suggesting better strategies for regular and improved performance. The team at Ideation are always willing to help, take the time to see me frequently to explain monthly reports and stats and are always willing to come up with new ideas and facilitate research to further improve my digital marketing results. They facilitate my Google Ads, Google Analytics, Google Search Console & Google My Business listing, as well as advertise my business via dynamic marketing on Facebook & Instagram. Thank you Ideation Digital, for being Truck Trader’s digital marketing partner. Kind Regards, Derick Mason Managing Director at Truck Traders

Ideation Digital - Digital Marketing Success Story!

After paying my previous digital marketing and social media experts month after month with no results, I was somewhat apprehensive about the glowing recommendations I was given to contact Ideation Digital. From the first contact I was welcomed with nothing but professional, efficient and friendly service. The advice I was given was sound. And they confirmed my suspicions that I had been paying someone else for doing next to nothing! The Ideation team are professional and knowledgeable. Not only are they experts in their own field of business, but with all the market & product research they do, they soon became experts in my business too! If a strategy is not working to their satisfaction, they change it. They promise a report, they provide it. Ask them a question, they answer it. No stories, no excuses. I definitely would recommend Ideation Digital to anyone!

We'll survive COVID-19, but will our businesses?

Hi Everyone COVID-19 is causing quite a bit of panic, especially after President Cyril Ramaphosa’s address last night declaring a national disaster and enforcing school closures from the 18th of March until the 14th of April 2020. As a parent, I already know the steps I need to take to ensure the safety of my family to prevent them retracting the virus, as well as what medication to give them should they get the virus and as the Managing Director of Ideation Digital, our team has been equipped with the necessary sanitation items, should they report to the office, or visit clients and will mostly work remotely during this time. However, my biggest thought at this time is, we will survive COVID-19, but what will the economical impact be- especially for a country, that has over the past few years, struggled to economically grow? If you are sharing the same fears, I would like to share some practical advice on how to keep your business sustainable during this uncertain time: 1. Embrace digitization: a. As a digital marketing agency, we run 99% of our operations via online systems. A huge amount can be achieved through emails, instant messaging applications and video calls using applications like Google Hangouts, Skype, Star Leaf and many more. For sales people, this cuts out the unnecessary down-time experienced from driving between location to location and for many other people within an organisation, cuts out unproductive chit-chat or the common “coffee-station gossip centre”. b. There are amazing digital task management applications, CRM systems, digital diaries and even a shared internal company network so everyone can see what is happening within the business, action tasks assigned to them and even manage customer relationships and sales. Give me a shout if you need some examples. 2. Make sure your website can handle digital sales: a. For a product sales business, the ultimate would be an online store. However, I know that not everyone has an online store. In that regard, make sure your products are displayed in a user friendly manner with as much information as possible, to encourage people to communicate with you digitally and possibly even purchase digitally. b. For a service orientated business, ensure that your web enquiry forms are working accurately. Gear your website even further with online client take-on forms and a digital sign-on process. c. Don’t disregard mobile optimisation of your website. If your website isn’t mobile friendly, make sure you get it mobile friendly as soon as possible. Over 90% of searches are done via a mobile device world-wide and South Africa has the highest mobile subscription ratio of over 92 million registered accounts, with a population of 56 million people. 3. Strategically market yourself digitally: a. We have already seen a 28% increase in online traffic since the first case of Coronavirus was reported on March 5, 2020 and professionally predict that this number will only increase in the upcoming weeks. Use this to your advantage! Run adverts via the Google Display Network, which is a hugely cost-effective way to market, considering most clicks cost under 50c per click. You can purposefully target websites that generate huge amount of traffic like news sites, online stores and any other website that are reporting on the coronavirus. b. Talk to your community and clients via social media: ensure your clients understand the measures you have taken to protect them, when they interact with you and what to expect from your business when interacting with you. Use this time to run surveys on aspects of your business, to improve your over-all product/service/solutions offering. c. Keep your eyeballs on social media channels to pick up on any trending topics that you can generate content about. Share the content on your social media channels and use the opportunity to “real-time news jack” or even possibly go viral. In any crisis, there is always opportunity. The 4th Industrial Revolution has been upon us for quite some time now, and we all know that with the rise of technology and availability of internet, digitization is inevitable. Setting yourself and your business up, now, for a digital future, not only makes your business more sustainable- long-term, but also drastically increases productivity with a hugely decreased cost. See this as an opportunity – not a death sentence. Feel free to give me, or anyone of our other team members a shout, should you need some more answers or ideas. We are happy to help. Kind Regards Tamzin Janse van Vuuren Managing Director (M): 072 440 1632 (E):

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