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We assist businesses with all search engine marketing services, like Google Ads marketing in the forms of Search Ads, Display Ads, Video Ads and Shop Ads. We make use of various PPC management tools to ensure that we deliver the best possible results for your business, lowering your Cost Per Click and improving your performance. We are also a registered Google Partner.

With structured planning and comprehensive reporting, we are geared to improve your digital marketing performance.

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Google Ads Marketing refers to the process of advertising through Google's own advertising sales platform called Google Ads. The beauty of Google Ads is that it runs on a pay per click costing model (better known as PPC), which means that you don’t get charged for how many times your advert has been seen, but rather only for how many times your advert has been clicked on.

All other Search Engine Marketing companies make use of the same pay-per-click model.

We ensure that we carefully understand your Search Engine Marketing (SEM) objectives and plan your Google Ads campaigns to achieve the results you need. Our PPC consulting services include constant optimisation of your Google Ads account and constant PPC management of your account, to lower what you pay per click and increase your conversions.

We are also an official Google Partner and can therefore assure you that our digital marketing strategists are properly qualified and skilled to assist you with your Google Ads marketing.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is one of the most effective ways to grow your business online. If you need a digital marketing strategist to assist you with SEM or Google Ads, Contact Us for quality Search Engine Marketing Services.


This all depends on the skill set and qualifications of your Google Ads manager and how well your account has been set-up. Google Ads are charged on a pay-per-click costing model, so you do not pay for advert viewers, you only pay for people who click on your advert and visit your website. Google Ads has amazing objective-based bid strategies that help you build campaigns to achieve the results you want to achieve. It is important to note, that the better your landing page experience from your Google Ads, the better your Google Ads campaigns will perform.

When your account is properly set-up, managed and optimised, you can easily expect an ROI of between 50%-100% on your ad spend. Our PPC experts have helped our clients achieve a much higher ROI by understanding their marketing objectives and typical customers and planning their Google Ads campaigns strategically to achieve their preferred results.

This is determined by the competition in your industry as well as the volume of searches within your industry and location. The greater the competition, the higher the cost per click. The greater the search volume for your industry within a specified location, the lower the cost per click. Every industry within South Africa yields different levels of competition and different levels of search volume within certain regions, so it is impossible to say what the average cost per click for your industry should be. However, we can benchmark your industry results with Google's Keyword Planner.

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