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Digital marketing, also referred to as Internet Marketing, Web Marketing or Online Marketing is the process of advertising a business and the products / services they offer using the internet and online platforms like Google or Facebook. Internet or online platforms include all social media channels, all search engines and email or SMS marketing. Digital marketing is consumed on computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones whereby a user can visit the internet, social media platforms, view emails or SMS's, make use of communication applications like WhatsApp or even receive push notifications from applications or experience in-application adverts.

Integrated digital marketing is, as it sounds, the integration of multiple online marketing channels to form a cohesive online approach for your business. It typically consist of the following:

  • Web development and design
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Search engine marketing (SEM)
  • Content marketing
  • Paid advertising (or pay-per-click advertising)
  • SEO saves business owners time and money

The idea behind integrated digital marketing is that, while each individual online channel has its own impact, the results of using multiple online channels in conjunction, you can create a more influential online presence and cater to a much wider audience that have specific preferences.

That is up to you to decide or not. It all boils down to whether or not you have the time to implement a proper strategy or not. Below are some of the problems we experience when helping clients, who have originally started social media on their own:

i. Incorrect community: Most business owners start their Facebook page and invite close relatives or friends to like their page. Most of these people are not typical customers for the business and therefore, all the business owner has done, is confuse the Facebook algorithm as to who the correct type of person is, to target content & posts too.

ii. Speaking about yourself: Traditional marketing “tells” and digital marketing “listens”. Most companies promote their products / services and the applicable prices over and over again, using their social media channels as a billboard, rather than a place to engage with a community. Think about a first date- no-one likes a person who talks about themselves constantly. If you are going to do social media by yourself, think about engaging content, that relates to your business, that people want to actually know and are interested in and remember, social media is a platform to start a conversation with possible customers so that when they are in-market, they think about you first.

iii. Sponsored Ads: Facebook has a huge range of “objective based” campaigns that are flighted across Instagram and WhatsApp. However, the correct place to formulate these ads are in Facebook Business Manager. The system itself can be very un-user friendly, starting from opening your business manager account, and also has regular updates which changes the user interface. The campaigns are super powerful and yield fantastic results when strategized properly. Unless you have extensive knowledge of the various social media ad manager interfaces and how to strategically plan campaigns to yield results, you will probably want to hand this part over to a qualified agency.

Ideation Digital has a hugely extensive range of clients in various industries from content publishers, to industrial equipment sales, to pop culture hair salons. Firstly, we sign mutual NDA’s with our clients and ensure that your business IP is as much protected as ours. Secondly, we are not an “industry specific” agency. We help any business with digital marketing. The principles of digital marketing remain the same and we take the time to sit with you, understand your business in detail as well as where your current digital health is, before we implement a strategy for you.

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