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10 Reasons why you should include digital marketing in your marketing mix now!

2nd Dec, 2021

10 Reasons why you should include digital marketing in your marketing mix now

Wait, something is fundamentally wrong with this headline!!!

At Ideation Digital we believe Digital Marketing cannot be ignored any longer, so the headline should be…

10 Reasons why you should include digital marketing in your marketing strategy now!

The split is rather traditional marketing or digital marketing or a hybrid version thereof. Omni-channel routes to market call for omni-channel marketing strategies, and the rapid advancement of digital transformation of not only businesses, but the fundamental shift in consumer behaviour, naturally will open up an opportunity to market. However, many businesses have still not adopted digital marketing in their digital transformation plans.

The marketing mix are fundamentally traditional marketing terms and essential to any understanding of a business concept for strategic planning of any marketing campaign.

The mix of the four, five or seven P’s namely Product, Place, Price and Promotion with People and then with Process and Performance will always stand as good reference and foundation.

Digital marketing or marketing on the world wide web and its platforms, using its media, is a whole new concept. The P’s of the marketing mix certainly play a role in achieving a level of understanding to set goals and develop strategy but there are so many new and exciting factors to consider and the opportunities to reach targeted audiences with the right message at the right time in the right place. Perhaps we need to introduce the 4 R’s as fundamentals of the digital marketing mix.

·  Reach your Target Audience

·  Right Message

·  Right Place

·  Right Time


Marketing to preferred audiences has become a science and is targeted and focussed on achieving specific results that are measurable, so Return Of Investment (ROI) is not something that can be skirted over but digital marketers are driven to prove working strategies by achieving the maximum results and reporting on them with qualified evidence.


According to Data Reportal, below is the internet usage statistics from 2019 to 2021:

In 2019 South Africa had 31.18 mil internet users, spending a daily average of 8hours 25minutes online.

In 2020 South Africa had 36.54 mil internet users, spending a daily average of 9hours 22minutes online.

Fast forward to 2021 and South Africa has 38.19mil internet users, spending a daily average of 10hours 06minutes.


If the internet usage growth and average time per person spent online DAILY, still doesn't convince brands to include digital marketing into their marketing strategy, then read on for some more reasons.


At Least 10 Reasons to go Digital now:

The below information is taken from Data Reportal’s Digital 2021: South Africa report


  1. 1. Because it's where your customers are searching for information.



  1. 2. Because it's where your customers are being entertained


  1. 3. Because it's where your customers are socialising



  1. 4. Because the growth trajectory of internet users in South Africa is estimated to reach over 50million people by 2023, with the last three years growth data as a very clear indicator that this prediction will come true.

  2. 5. Because Integrated Digital Marketing gives you the best return on investment

Digital Marketing isn't just posting on social media or having a website, it involves a spider web of digital activities that include:


  • Having digital assets like a website and social media platforms

  • Ensuring your website is Search Engine compliant so that it can be indexed and served as a search result when an online user searches for information

  • Producing valuable content for your target audience, about your products or services, their application and how they will solve a customer’s problem

  • Regularly posting valuable information and content on your social media channels to encourage conversation and customer interaction

  • Making use of a multitude of paid media campaigns through social media platforms, search engines, large websites and even direct marketing like email or sms campaigns


This all forms part of the digital marketing function, and all digital channels need to run in cohesion, in order for a business to reach its entire audience at various points in time.

  1. 6. Because Digital Marketing is results driven

All industry-leading media sales houses like Facebook and Google offer objective-based marketing. This means that you only start paying for your campaign when your specific objectives are achieved. For example, if you want site traffic, you can run a Google Search Campaign and pay per click received on your advert. Or you can run a Facebook Lead Generation campaign and only pay when you actually receive leads.

  1. 7. Because Digital Marketing is measurable! 

The most measurable media is hands down digital media. There are so many data points collected and detailed analytics tools to help any marketer or business owner make better marketing decisions. Always remember, traditional marketing tells, digital marketing listens.

  1. 8. Because digital marketing is cost effective. 

Remember, you get to choose your audience, you get to choose your objectives and you get to choose your budget. There is no minimum budget, to get results.

  1. 9. Because Digital Marketing is sustainable

Search Engines and Social Media platforms aren't going anywhere. The 4th industrial revolution is here! Digital transformation is a trending topic, where sales functions, business functions, business processes, communication and the list goes on, are being digitised. This is happening because digitisation increases efficiency, decreases cost and has the ability to self sustain.

  1. 10. Because Digitization is the future

Although the global Covid-19 pandemic has not been enjoyable for anyone, the countries that have shown the largest economic recovery are those that have adopted to and taken advantage of new digital technologies. And the reality is, now that a multitude of businesses have first hand experienced the efficiency of digitisation, it is clear to predict that they won't be returning to pre-covid ways in a hurry.


There is no time like the present to start incorporating digital marketing into your marketing strategy. The longer you wait, the bigger the competition is going to become.


Ideation Digital will partner with you and guide you on your digital journey. We will improve your digital performance and increase your digital footprint. We will help your company embrace digitisation with the ultimate objective of delivering measurable results for a better future.


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