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Black Friday is coming! Are you Ready?

11th Nov, 2021

Black Friday is coming! Are you Ready?

Are you ready to handle big sales season activities on your digital platforms & website?

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales around the corner as well as the Festive Season, then not too long after, Back to School sales events, there is no time like now to put together a marketing strategy to generate those extra sales.

If you are participating in the Black Friday or Cyber Monday Sale events your planning should have been done by now for the biggest sales event on the calendar! If your brand is represented online, via any of the numerous digital channels available, you need to be ready for an influx of engagement from people, wanting to know what deals you have and when. Prepare well, as every inquiry is a point of contact and an opportunity to build customer relationships and make a sale.

Operationally, whether your campaigns are running in-store or online, expect an increase in digital activity on all your digital channels, regardless.

  • - Are your digital customer relationship management teams armed with all the information they need to be able to respond immediately?

  • - With digital being an always-on communication channel, do you have automated responses set up for meeting instant gratification of 24/7 customer demands?


A few more questions you should be considering in preparation for Black Friday and other big sales events are: 

  • - Do you have a formalised communications strategy in place?

  • - Have you included crisis communication management if things go wrong?

  • - Are your targeted promotional campaigns ready?

  • - Is your creative messaging ready for banner ads?

  • - Is your website up to date with all your sales & campaign information?

  • - Have you forecasted demand for your products on promotion?

  • - What will you do if you sell out of stock?

  • - Do you have backup stock readily available to replenish on-demand to take advantage of the big sale.

  • - Have you considered upsell and cross-sell opportunities?

  • - Is your website stable enough to handle an influx of visitors, and what will you do if it crashes?


A few Top Tips for handling Black Friday and other big sales seasons, from Ideation Digital:

  • Have a sale strategy in place

  • Make sure you are offering real rewards/perceived value for customers to respond.

  • Have a strong communication campaign, respond or miss out. (FOMO is real!)

  • Automate as many of the functions as you can

  • Simplify shipping strategies and keep customers notified on the progress

  • Have your returns strategy visible and accessible

  • Have a comprehensive checklist

  • Ensure all key role players are fully briefed on the campaign and everyone knows what they need to do for the plan to come together

  • Prepare for increased activity on your e-commerce store, website and other digital channels

  • Ensure your promotional items are loaded and ready to release at the right time

  • Have a fast checkout so the UX is efficient

  • Keep all your communication channels open and teams on standby

  • Have a contingency plan

  • Be prepared for a busy time

Take advantage of the hype and excitement these two worldwide events generate to increase your overall performance on all platforms and ultimately sell the most you ever have.

It's not necessary to launch a specific marketing activity allocating ad spend, to market your business’s Black Friday Sale. As the sales event is international, there is more than enough hype already created and much support from major brands. It is important though that you do communicate to your customers or potential customers, ahead of time, on exactly what your specific campaign will entail. This can be done via in-store signage, direct marketing (via email or SMS), social media posting, website banners and articles.


Do you require extra help or support for Black Friday and other big sales seasons?

Ideation Digital is here to assist and guide you through your best ever sales season. For the near future, consider an integrated digital marketing plan to build and strengthen your digital health, presence and stability, to maximise sales opportunities in international big sales events.

Ideation Digital offers integrated digital marketing with a holistic approach to achieve maximum results and return on investment for customers. Our services include the following:

  • - Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy, Implementation & Execution

  • - Google Ads: Search, Display, Video & Shop

  • - Search Engine Optimisation

  • - Social Media Strategy

  • - Social Media Management, Follower Growth & Paid Social Media Campaigns

  • - Social Media Content Creation

  • - Content Strategy

  • - Content Creation - Design, Written & Video

  • - Comprehensive Reporting through Google Analytics, Search Console & More

We also have extremely powerful digital lead generation products available to our customers that will deliver results and exceed expectations. Read More at Lead Launcher and Funnel Boss.

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