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Digital Marketing: A Quick Win Strategy or Long-Term Business Objective?

24th Mar, 2021

Digital Marketing


When it comes to digital marketing, there are two sets of arguments that you will have to work through. First, that digital marketing campaigns can be your go-to quick-win strategy, and second, that you should focus on your business objectives and strive for a long-term marketing campaign. No matter what your opinions are on that, we want you to consider some of the reasons why you should ditch short-term thinking and focus on the big picture.

Reasons Why Digital Marketing is a Long-Term Business Objective

  1. Algorithms change incessantly

Search engine optimisation and social media marketing are crucial digital marketing strategies that are dictated by changes in algorithms made by search engines and social media platforms. The most important thing here is that the updates are made quite frequently - making marketers stay on their toes throughout the campaign. Therefore, you cannot just launch a campaign and let it run the way it was designed. A successful digital marketing campaign requires constant development.

  1. Frequent need for fresh content

Did you know that more than 3.3 million blog posts are published every day? People share more than 100 million photos and videos on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. In other words, your content has fierce competition online. You cannot rely on a single piece of content and think it will help you cross the finish line. You will have to think long-term and draft a content strategy that allows you to churn out fresh and engaging content frequently.

  1. Requires continuous optimisation

Digital marketing campaigns are heavily dependent on data. As a marketer looking to launch the most efficient and cost-effective online marketing campaigns, you will have to rely on continuous optimisation of your campaigns. The only way to win in today’s cut-throat online competition is to befriend optimisation and experimentation. The optimisation is fueled by experiments that you can perform using multi-armed bandit or traditional A/B tests. Want to get the best results from your digital marketing campaigns? Optimise!

  1. Consumer behaviour changes rapidly

With the advent of mobile internet and the strong emergence of social media, consumer behaviour has significantly changed across the world. Businesses making online transition ought to prepare online marketing campaigns that consider consumer behaviour because user intention changes with time. We have gone from ‘internet is a fad’ to ‘internet is THE world’ in a matter of a few years. Consumers that relied on television for news and entertainment now have laptops and smartphones for the same. Take the example of the recent COVID-19 pandemic. Pay attention to how people started relying on eCommerce websites and online tools to survive. These changes in consumer behaviour are here to stay and so you should brace your digital marketing campaigns accordingly.

  1. The online marketplace is changing

Can we even argue on that? The online marketing tactics we applied ten years ago don’t work anymore. People interact differently on the internet given how well-connected things are today. Social media has eased communication beyond our imagination; search engines have started showing precise results for more streamlined keywords - in other words, the marketplace is moving from its robotic self to a natural and easy-to-use version. And this is just the beginning. Technologies like AI and VR are only going to make this better.

How to build a successful long-term Digital Marketing strategy?

We don’t just throw information at our customers; we create high-performance online marketing campaigns for them too. If you believe in the power of long-term digital marketing campaigns, there’s nothing that can stop your business from leading its industry. Wonder how we get that done for our customers? Connect with us today!

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