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Do Not Ignore! Here's Why You Need to Invest in Video Marketing in 2021

4th Jun, 2021

Video Content


What do you think your audience will feel more connected to - video or text? We can argue about the effectiveness of text-based or written content all day long, but in the end, your audience will always choose video. After all, it’s ridiculously easier to consume and understand! And we are not even talking about how entertaining they can be.


So, what do you need to know about video content? View the top benefits below:


1. Video Content drives more traffic than any other content type.

Did you know that live video content makes 17% of all online traffic? Consumers on the internet are more likely to make a purchase from a brand that invests in video creation. A content marketing strategy that revolves around video can easily make your brand a cut above the competition. And the more you create video content, the more opportunity you will get to convert a potential customer.


2. Video content is an extremely shareable content

The shareability quotient of video content makes it a superb marketing proposition. And the reasons are quite simple to understand. People like to share content that is relatable. If you end up creating videos that your audience can easily connect with, they will share your content with other people, helping you boost your brand recognition (more on this later). However, make sure you create videos that trigger an emotional response out of your target audience.


3. Video Content generates brand awareness and boosts recognition

The emotional response from your target audience most often can be associated with how well your content is being accepted. And the best way to generate more brand awareness and recognition for your brand is by developing a video marketing strategy that leverages emotional responses. Happiness, fear, laughter, or surprise are a few emotions videos can trigger within a few seconds - making the audience engage and connect with your message.


4. Video Content Growth in ROI is off the charts

The return on investment with video marketing will put your existing marketing strategies to shame. Well, there is a reason why 81% of the brands today are cashing in on the opportunity to leverage video for marketing. The production cost of video content isn’t very high when you consider the results it generates. At the moment, no other marketing strategy delivers the ROI like video marketing.


5. Video Content Marketing: A data-driven marketing strategy

Video marketing is a data-driven marketing strategy that will help you optimise your campaigns for better results. You will have the opportunity to monitor performance metrics like views, shares, likes, comments, and saves, to figure out whether or not your video marketing strategy works. So, you can throw the guesswork out the window and execute video marketing with a more quantitative approach.


6. Videos helps accentuate mobile marketing

It has become highly convenient to use the internet on mobile devices. This has triggered a whole new marketing trend that is focused entirely on mobile. And fortunately, video content helps you get the most out of your mobile marketing strategy. As the expansion of mobile networks increases across the world, more and more people will be hooked to video content. This is a perfect opportunity to become an early adopter of this trend and gain an edge in the market.


7. A Better opportunity to make your Call To Actions count

Lastly, you get to make your CTA work with video marketing. If you develop your video content to perfection, the audience will stay hooked until the end where you can place your CTAs. This simple yet effective strategy will help you generate a high click-through and view rates for your marketing campaigns.


There you have it. Now you have all the reasons you start investing in a solid video marketing strategy. Wondering what kind of content you should be posting if you are on a budget constraint? We have a perfect post written just for you. Feel free to check that out and the other informative posts on our blog. Happy marketing!


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