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Frequently asked questions about Digital Marketing Agencies

31st May, 2022

FAQs about Digital Marketing Agencies- Ideation Digital

1. What are digital marketing agencies and how do they work? 

A digital marketing agency comprises of skilled digital marketing professionals across the digital marketing disciplines, such as SEO, Social Media or Google Ads (to mention a few) and assists businesses to reach potential customers online. The services a digital marketing agency provides can be omnichannel, multichannel or single-channel, depending on the type of digital marketing agency you collaborate with.


a. What does a digital marketing agency do for a small business?

An integrated digital marketing agency will assist small businesses to develop and grow their online presence. They will also assist a small business to generate leads digitally. Services include developing an online marketing strategy and applicable roadmap to achieve both business and marketing objectives.


b. What does a digital marketing agency do for a medium-sized business or SME?

An integrated digital marketing agency will either:

  • Analyse an SME’s current digital marketing strategy and how it is achieving marketing objectives to use the information to either optimise or refine. This includes running omnichannel digital marketing campaigns and the digital marketing function for the business, in close collaboration with the existing marketing team.
  • Assist an SME to translate their existing marketing strategy from traditional marketing mediums to digital marketing mediums, through thorough research on the market sector, targeted audiences and competitor analysis. This is then all compiled into a digital marketing strategy and applicable operational roadmap. Again, in close collaboration with the business’s existing marketing team.


c. What does a digital marketing agency do for larger business organisations?

Larger business organisations usually have well-established marketing teams and make use of a multitude of marketing agencies including but not limited to:

  • Content production agencies
  • Creative agencies
  • Web development or software solution companies
  • Media Buying agencies and even
  • Digital marketing agencies.


A larger business utilises a digital marketing agency to collaborate effectively with the existing marketing team and other agencies to:

  • Run multi channel or omni channel digital marketing campaigns
  • Implement effective tracking measures
  • Implement effective reporting measures
  • Apply strategic and creative thinking to refine and improve digital marketing performance, to ultimately
  • Continue to maintain and further grow the business’s digital marketing presence and digital marketing performance


i. What is a social media marketing agency?

A social media marketing agency usually specialises in only organic and paid social media marketing. They can assist with content creation and content production for social media posting, reporting and online community management. They mostly need direction on what the business’s marketing objectives are in order to implement the most suitable social media marketing strategy.

ii. What is a PPC agency?

A PPC (Pay-Per-Click) agency can also be referred to as a performance media agency or a Google Ads agency, specialising in Google Ads campaign implementation, management and optimisation. Google Ads can be run as Search Ads, Video Ads, Display Ads, Shop Ads or App Ads. They mostly need direction on what the business’s marketing objectives are in order to implement the most suitable PPC marketing strategy.

iii. What is an SEO agency?

An SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Agency specialises in all aspects of SEO, including but not limited to: Website development, keyword research, technical optimisations, on-page or website optimisations, content production or copywriting and assists with building website backlinks and domain authority. They mostly need direction on what the business’s marketing objectives are in order to implement the most suitable SEO strategy.


2. Should I hire a digital marketing agency?

Digital marketing agencies are a cost-effective way to utilise skilled professionals. They usually collaborate with internal marketing teams, so that they are effectively translating a business’s marketing strategy, online. If you are looking for a cost-effective way to hire skilled professionals to handle your digital marketing function, without having to incur the cost of permanent employment, then yes, you should hire a digital marketing agency.


3. How do I find a digital marketing agency?

Most consumers begin their purchase journey with online research. Finding a digital marketing agency can be done the same way. Simply search online for a “digital marketing agency” and you will be presented with a range of options in your Google search results.


4. What makes a digital marketing agency unique?

Digital marketing agencies are unique from other agencies, simply because they employ skilled digital marketing professionals to translate a business’s marketing strategy online. Most digital marketing agencies don’t partake in other media buying such as TV, Radio, Print Media or Out-Of-Home advertising and will closely collaborate with the teams or agencies who do, to ensure that the digital marketing operations align with the business’s overall marketing strategy.


5. Why are digital marketing agencies important?

Digital Marketing is a complex and technically compliant field of service. There is a multitude of digital marketing certifications, either platform dependent or general digital marketing diplomas and degrees. Most marketing degrees offered by local universities don’t include digital marketing disciplines driving the demand for digital marketing certifications outside of a marketing degree. A digital marketing agency employs skilled and certified digital marketing professionals to provide the best possible strategy and service, at a cost-effective rate, to business.


6. Are digital marketing agencies affordable?

A digital marketing agency will quote on two factors:

a. The skilled level required to execute the services you have purchased and

b. The time it will take to execute the services


The cost to employ a full digital marketing team, excluding ad spend or content production is a whopping R1,2 million rand per annum.

Digital marketing agency management fees usually (and mostly should) equate to a substantial saving when compared to permanent employment costs.

Factors driving affordability will include the services you require and the time it takes to execute those services.


7. What services does a digital marketing agency offer?

An integrated digital marketing agency will most likely offer:

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • PPC Marketing services (Google Ads)
  • Social Media Marketing - both organic and paid
  • Content production (including written, video and imagery)
  • Website development


Some do offer only specific services, whilst others offer all the digital marketing disciplines as a service.


8. How do I know a digital marketing agency is reputable?

When you are researching possible digital marketing agencies, check for the following:

  • When the agency opened up and whether they have a reputable track record?
  • Are they prepared to supply client testimonials or references?
  • Check their certifications and skill level - always verify their presented certifications.
  • Check their Google Business listing for reviews and applicable ratings
  • Check their social media platforms for reviews and ratings
  • Most importantly, analyse their digital marketing presence. If you are being sold something that the agency isn't applying themselves, you shouldn't purchase it.


9. What can I do if I am not happy with my digital marketing agency?

First and foremost, meet with your agency to discuss your concerns and possible solutions. Secondly, check your contract terms and termination clause.


10. Which is the best digital marketing agency in Africa? 

There are a whole bunch of listing platforms that provide information on the digital marketing agencies they have listed. Below are a few examples:

However, these are paid listings and are purchased by the agency, to be listed.

Find an agency that you can work well with, collaborate effectively with and has the necessary skill, certification and track record that works for your business.


11. Why should I hire Ideation Digital as my digital marketing agency?

Ideation Digital is a fully integrated digital marketing agency based in Midrand, South Africa. We are an established and active digital marketing agency that develops and executes Integrated Digital Marketing strategies for small, medium and large business organisations. We are target driven and solutions focused and pride ourselves on the hand-held, educational approach we take with every client.


12. What is it like to work for a digital marketing agency

A digital marketing agency is fun, fast-paced and challenging. The agency relies on effective cohesion between business departments to add quantifiable value to its clients.


A digital marketing agency employs skilled professionals across various disciplines, enabling growth in skill and experience, for all that work within the business unit.

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