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How Digital Marketing can grow your business

30th Jun, 2020

Digital Marketing


With an increasing number of brands moving online, it is now more important than ever before to have an effective digital marketing strategy for your business!

When implemented properly, Digital marketing can have a very positive impact across several areas within a business:

  • More traffic to your site
  • Better consumer engagement
  • Increased sales, conversions, and more.

In this article we will unpack some of the fundamentals that make digital marketing effective.


Does your brand have an online presence?


Having a website is one thing, but not all websites are created equal and it is imperative that if you do have a website, that it can be found on Search Engines like Google. This means that websites need to be developed according to the best practices supplied by Google. This is where "SEO" or Search Engine Optimisation comes into play. Having a website that is properly optimized will ensure that you have an online presence to begin with.


Digital marketing however, can work wonders for your business online. In today’s modern world where businesses cultivate their reputation via their website and their social media channels, it is important to let your potential customers know what you stand for and you can do so by communicating this digitally via the content submitted on all your digital channels available. Content is SEO's best friend and when implemented correctly it has the potential to work wonders.


How Content will help your online presence and organic ranking?


With an effective content plan, you can ensure that Google presents your website as a result to a matched online consumer search query. When people have search queries related to your products or services and you have those answers in written or video format on your website, the search engines are more likely to serve your answer to the "searcher".


The more content you have or the more “answers” you have, related to what your consumers search for, the more authority you build with search engines. The higher your authority with Search Engines, the more times they will present your website to an online user. This can be directly converted into more traffic and therefore you have more opportunities to generate leads.


How to fill the gaps of your online presence if your organic ranking isn’t at a superior level?


Search Engine Marketing is the process of buying ad space on a search engine listings page. This can be done via search ads or display ads also known as banner ads (in either text or image format). These can also be in the form of shopping adverts, e.g. Google Shop or even video adverts within Google’s video search or YouTube.


Your SEM strategy will help you to feature higher in search engine results pages as you pay for advertisements (e.g. Google ads). Such ads are commonly known as PPC (or pay-per-click) advertisements.


These allow you to reach potential customers with interesting and relevant copy that uses strategic keywords to match their search queries. A PPC ad will feature in main SERPs (search engine results pages) alongside organic SEO listings and help you to increase your visibility. PPC campaigns should, therefore, be a part of every marketing strategy.


But how does Social Media influence your online presence?


Social media marketing works by making use of various social media sites and platforms to promote a brand, product, or service. By using these social media platforms, you can

reach customers, engage with them, and build credibility for your brand. This has the wonderful effect of helping you gain more customers, increase your website traffic, and hopefully gain more revenue.


With a solid social media marketing strategy, interesting and relevant content will be posted onto your chosen social media platforms. Ideally, this content should engage your followers and encourage them to visit your website and browse your products or service offerings.


It's all about making sure that your brand/business is seen and heard


From the above points, you will start to see how digital marketing has the potential to grow your business. It must be noted that digital marketing performs best when an integrated approach is adopted. This means that digital marketing is more effective when all the elements mentioned above, SEO, SEM, Content & Social Media are implemented and work together.


Each digital marketing channel has the power to deliver results when implemented separately but we know that the power of digital marketing lies in making sure all your digital channels are aligned, contributing to your overall online presence. Your combined online presence is where the ultimate power lies in moving your business forward.

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