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How Long Does It Take to Get Results From Digital Marketing?

20th Nov, 2020

Digital Marketing

False expectations, especially when it comes to marketing online, can often lead to extremely severe situations that can affect your marketing budget. Knowing how much time a digital marketing strategy is going to take to bring any results, is critical to your marketing efforts and your brand’s online success. 

Fortunately, after running numerous digital marketing campaigns for so many businesses in South Africa, we have a reliable estimate of how much time digital marketing takes before you start getting visible results. In this article, we are going to discuss exactly that.

Time Taken by Different Digital Marketing Strategies

Social Media 

Before we can let you know how much time it takes to get results from social media marketing and management, we would need to know where your social media presence currently stands. 

To give you an estimate, let’s start from scratch. Creating your social media accounts after analyzing your core audience and then building your audience or followers on the platform through campaigns like brand awareness and engagement does take time. 

Running these campaigns and other tests should take anywhere around two to three months. By that time, we would have enough followers to start creating more interesting campaigns and build further on your brand. 

Creating a consistent social media calendar and setting up a brand image does take more time than that since you will be trying to know what kind of content gels with your audience. All in all, social media marketing and management should take between six to nine months to start showing results.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is crucial to your online marketing success and it is only getting complicated due to the recent GDPR regulations. Building an email list and then driving conversions through it now takes more time than usual. It is, therefore, vital that you carefully invest in a reliable email marketer. 

Email marketing takes patience, lots of it. Staying connected with your subscribers, trying to give them reasons to convert, and then finally influencing them to convert takes a lot of time. 

Earlier, you could spam your subscribers with content that went unchecked. Today, spamming people is against the law. Therefore, we believe it should take at least six months to build an email list and then create regular campaigns to warm your leads.

Google Ads

If you are looking for instant results, you should go with Google Ads. It is one of the best investments you will ever make. Google Ads requires you to create a campaign and start targeting your core audience from the get-go. 

All you will have to input is the targeting, keywords, and how much you are willing to pay to get real estate on search results. However, as quickly as you can get the results with Google Ads, you will also have to spend time with lots of trial and error. 

The learning stage is inevitable and necessary since you want to get the bang for your buck. So, it should only take a few weeks to start getting solid results from your Google Ads campaign.


Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is a must for all digital marketing campaigns. This is because the results you get from SEO, unlike any paid advertising campaign, are long-lasting.

Understanding the Google algorithm updates, creating an SEO strategy, assessing your official website, and making vital alterations is a part of search engine optimization. Most importantly, you should know that everything we have mentioned about SEO is ongoing work.

Making changes and improvements to your strategy and website to improve the website’s ranking takes time and considerable effort. SEO does take a lot of time, sometimes more than six months before your site achieves a good ranking position.


Final Thoughts

Digital marketing, as a concept, is quite simple to understand. However, the intricacies make it extremely complicated and a job only for an expert digital marketer. Are you looking to get started with digital marketing for your brand? Connect with us today!

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