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How to find a digital marketing agency?

30th Apr, 2020

How to find a digital marketing agency in south africa?

Digital marketing is a vital component of any successful company's marketing strategy and working with a good digital marketing agency can make a world of difference in your marketing efforts.

So, how do you find the right digital marketing agency for your business's specific needs? Well, first off, you need to determine what your needs are in terms of marketing and which agency specialises in the products and services that your business requires. 

Not all marketing agencies are the same and some will offer different digital marketing services all at different levels of quality and costs. 

When looking for a partner that will assist with the execution or development of your marketing plan there are a number of questions that one needs to consider!

You should be asking yourself questions, such as, "What is my marketing budget ?", "What do I ultimately want to achieve?" "What are my company values?". A good digital marketing agency will understand the answers to these questions and will be able to help you achieve your main goals. 

Some agencies will be geared to assist you in creating a marketing plan for your business. 

Depending on where you are currently on your marketing journey is also a key factor. Doing an evaluation of all your current marketing assets will also assist in choosing a partner that will help you to grow what you have already started. 

Of course, it is vital to carry out market research around potential digital marketing agencies to ensure that you don't make a mistake. You need to be certain that their reputation is solid and that they have brought results to companies they have previously worked with. A good place to start is to call some of their existing customers and see what they have to say. 

There is nothing wrong with asking what specific actions an agency would take so you can compare their response to what other agencies are telling you. A great question to ask your potential agency is to show you how they implement their own online marketing to drive their business. You know what they say, practice what you preach. If your potential agency is not marketing themselves, how can they market you?

Before you sign any long term contracts you might want to run a test phase of about 6 months with your potential agency. Date them before you commit to a long term contract. 

In terms of your requirements, if you need them to focus on your blog posts, for example, the agency should have a proven track record in this area. 

Another great way of finding the correct digital marketing agency for you is to ask for recommendations. Stay by asking friends, family and colleagues who they have worked with and whether or not they were happy with the agency's marketing results. 

It is always a good idea to meet with the digital marketing agency beforehand, before making a final decision. In the meeting, ask them to show you examples of campaigns they have worked on previously and to elaborate on how they went about obtaining the best results. They should be able to describe in detail what they hope to achieve for your business and how they will do this. 

Before signing up with anyone, you should be clear as to who will be completing each task, the rates and the timeline for the project. Oftentimes, misunderstandings arise between agencies and clients as to who is responsible for what, so this should be laid out before any work is commenced. 

If you would like to be 100% certain about an agency before making a commitment, we recommend asking them to complete a small, paid task to test their abilities and get a feel for how they will work with you. 

A great digital marketing agency will be willing to collaborate, discuss and explain any issues with you. Communication is key and good digital marketers will keep you up to date on the progress they are making, as well as any potential grey areas that need clearing up. 

At the end of the day, you should enjoy your collaboration with the digital marketing agency and feel able to talk to them about all aspects of your marketing campaign. If this is not the case, you should definitely consider working with someone else who understands your particular digital marketing needs. 

Remember: if you have a good digital marketing team, you will have amazing results in terms of clients and revenue!

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