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How to Use Social Media Platforms to Generate More Business?

26th Feb, 2021

Social media platforms are not the same anymore. Indeed, the essence hasn’t changed but how these platforms function and help businesses get results, has changed significantly. This makes it essential for us to understand the modern-day tactics to maximise our investments in social media marketing. Although it has become easier to use social media, you must not ignore any room for improvement. In this post, we cover the basics as well as the tactics you should be applying to optimise your social media marketing strategy.

Best Social Media Tips for Maximum Results

1.Different Platforms, Different Strategies

Go for platform-specific strategies. Platforms include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Snapchat, Pinterest and more. Each platform you use should have a specific goal that will guide your marketing strategy. Most importantly, you should know that your brand doesn’t need to be on all platforms. Know why you will use a platform, who you’ll target, what content will work, and how to make your brand stand out on the platform.

2.Consistency Brings Success

No matter how great your strategy is, you won’t get results if you’re not consistent. Create a schedule (platform-specific) that will help you post consistently. Stay active and post multiple times a day. Focus on Stories and publishing new content every day. Realise that your followers are also following hundreds of different accounts. So, post content that helps you easily stand out in the newsfeed.

3.Create Niche-Specific Messaging

Don’t be all over the place with your content and messaging. You should brainstorm and know what exactly you want your audience to do once they are done consuming your content. Tailor a message that will gel perfectly with the demographic you are targeting. Once you have a focused message, it will become easier to create content and have the most impact.

4.Follow Major Trends

When you are marketing on social media, a lot of times you’ll find yourself posting trend-driven content. This is crucial to make your content relevant and leverage engagement that the trend is fetching. However, you don’t want to jump on every trend you find emerging on social media. Find the trend that makes sense to your brand and your audience and then create content around it.

5.Don’t Just Post, Analyse

Posting is a way to stay active on your shortlisted social media channels. But it’s of no use if you’re not getting results. That’s where analytics come into the picture. Create a tracking process by identifying your key performance metrics. Look for metrics like reach, engagement, impressions, retweets, mentions, clicks, interactions, likes, comments, and shares.

6.Post More Video Content

Focus more on posting video content. That goes for both your regular posts as well as stories. Videos make it easier for your audience to consume and the impact moving pictures have on an audience is well-documented. Video consumption has increased by over 99% and 258% on YouTube and Facebook respectively. Post video content often.

7.Keep Things Simple and Social

Lastly, try to uphold the essence of social media. Stay social by interacting with your audience, post in different communities, partner with influencers, and even get your employees on board! Most importantly, don’t let your efforts be discouraged by constantly changing social media algorithms. Just focus on the above-mentioned tips and you’ll be set for social media success.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know how social media marketing can be leveraged using these tips, it’s time you focus on creating an all-around strategy and achieving your set goals on your shortlisted social media sites. Need help draft a successful social media marketing strategy for your brand? Connect with us today!

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