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Lead Launcher: An innovative digital leads generation solution for small to medium-sized businesses showing great results.

2nd Aug, 2021

In an increasingly digital environment, traditional places of business are being challenged and outperformed by digital places of business and in a lot of cases replaced. And while this, in itself, means that you have the opportunity to develop an additional sales channel and reach a bigger target audience, getting that market to visit your digital business presence, is key.

Furthermore, South African businesses have felt not only the devasting impact of multiple lockdowns and increased lockdown restrictions, but also load shedding, poor service delivery and poor business support as well as the recent rioting & looting that gripped the country in July 2021. The rioting and looting contributed to a combined loss of R50 billion on SA’s GDP, and drastically impacted business sales across the board for July 2021. Business in South Africa, needs as much support and innovation as it can get, to push through some of the devasting effects of recent events.

Ideation Digital, an innovative digital marketing agency that offers integrated digital marketing solutions, introduces Lead Launcher, an inbound lead generator and sales enabler service that provides the perfect digital marketing vehicle for businesses who want to start their digital journey on a limited budget.

In a tight economy where marketing budgets are slim, to say the least, a digital leads generation solution that is both affordable and boasts proven results is exactly what your SME business needs. “You want a digital agency on your side, who can make your budget and your digital presence work for you,” says Tamzin Janse van Vuuren, Managing Director of Ideation Digital.

“Our Lead Launcher programme is designed to address the requirements of an SME business that requires a digital marketing solution on a limited budget. It is a cost-effective solution that will enable you to generate the quality leads you need to make sales, a fact that 165 of our satisfied clients can attest to,” explains Tamzin.

What is Lead Launcher and how does it work?

Lead Launcher is an entry-level digital leads generation solution that comprises of:

Google search ads campaigns and display campaigns that are customised to your specific target audience, driving the results and quality leads you need.

We collaborate with all our Lead Launcher clients to decide which digital conversions are applicable for their business. This includes conversion types like online bookings, online enquiries, online purchases, direct call leads, direct email enquiries or more.

All Lead Launcher campaigns are constructed and customised for each business in execution, to optimise for the digital conversions, a Lead Launcher client would like to achieve.

Facebook ad campaigns that are aligned to your target audience, to achieve your digital marketing objectives and drive quality leads.

Facebook Ad Campaigns are objective based campaigns. Meaning, that when you build a campaign in Facebook, you pre-select your objective and are only charged by Facebook when the platform is able to achieve that objective for you. These objectives include: On-Facebook lead forms, app installs, on-site purchases, online bookings, direct call leads, direct email leads & much more.

Our multi-channel Facebook Campaigns do not include Facebook posts and boosting, but rather the objective-based campaigns that Facebook offers through verified Facebook Business Manager accounts. These campaigns also flight across Facebook’s partners which include Instagram and WhatsApp Business.

A Call Tracking number

We offer all Lead Launcher clients an opportunity to track the calls received from their digital marketing efforts. These call tracking numbers divert to a number of the client’s choice, so no phone calls are missed. Furthermore, the Call Tracking Dashboard allows clients to manage their client service team in that:

  • You can view the number of calls received from your digital marketing efforts
  • You can view the date, time and duration of each call received
  • You can view the details of where the call came from and,
  • You can listen to each one of your calls.

Digital Campaign Tracking:

  • For websites and Google Ads campaigns, Ideation Digital assists with the account set-up and implementation of both Google Analytics and Google Ads. We ensure effective tagging and tracking through Google Analytics, digital asset goal implementation as well as Google Ads conversions are executed for our Lead Launcher clients.
  • For Facebook Ad Campaigns, through Facebook Business Manager, we ensure that we set-up the applicable pixel tracking and events to optimise for required digital conversions and report back on how many digital conversions have been achieved through the Lead Launcher solution, every month.

A full monthly report on the Lead Launcher campaign:

This will detail the campaign results across all digital channels to determine performance and return on investment.

The Digital Channels included in the report are:

  1. Website Traffic and applicable digital conversions
  2. Google Ads impressions, clicks, costs and applicable conversions
  3. Facebook Ads reach, impressions and applicable conversions
  4. The number of successful calls received from the Lead Launcher campaign within a particular month

The results that you can expect from Lead Launcher, include:

  • Website traffic average monthly growth rate of 190%
  • Direct telephone leads growing by an average of 55% month on month
  • Direct email leads growing by an average of 56% month on month
  • Reduce your average cost per lead by 65%, for your business
  • Many more sales opportunities, which is the ultimate goal.

With the ever-increasing pressure businesses are placed under in South Africa, Ideation Digital feels compelled to help as many businesses as possible with cost-effective and increased digital lead generation.

“The time is now to start generating those leads that you need to make sales. Visit our Lead Launcher page to find out how we can help your business on its digital journey,” Tamzin concludes.

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