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Save Money! Create These 5 Types of Video Content When on a Budget

4th Jun, 2021

Running short of marketing budget but want to develop more video content? Well, you are in luck because we have shortlisted some of the best low-budget video content types that will drive revenue and engagement like crazy.


1. Video Content On What Happens Behind The Scenes:

Every brand has people working day in and day out to make it super successful. Use video to showcase how diligently they work to produce products your customers love. The internet family loves watching raw behind-the-scenes videos of their favourite brands & businesses. And you don’t really need to do anything, just film them as is using a smartphone with a decent camera. Add some good music in the video and let it do its thing.


2. Video Content Webinars

Nothing works like webinars when it comes to offering actionable advice that can later drive conversions for your business. This modern marketing marvel thrives on the fact that it is easy to create and doesn’t require much investment. You can create FAQ videos, product reviews, a roundtable panel discussion, or more. And once you have created a video, start running automated webinars!


3. Presentation Videos

If you are dealing with a small and focused audience or group of individuals, then you must invest in creating presentation videos. People have been using presentations for a long time. The reason is quite simple - they are effective. You can create presentation videos on any topic your audience is interested in and post them online wherever people can find them. These videos can help you generate massive brand awareness and buzz around your business online.


4. Testimonial Videos

If there’s one marketing tactic that will ever cease to exist, it is ‘Word-of-Mouth’ marketing. People trust other people making purchases. They want to know their customer experience and video testimonials help them get that information in a more personal way. Find happy customers and ask them to create video testimonials that you can later share with your audience.


5. User-Generated Content Videos

One of the recent social media trends that brands are pushing hard at, is UGC or User-Generated Content. In this, brands give their followers some incentive to produce raw, jaw-dropping, entertaining videos which they can use on their social media accounts. This video marketing campaign can be run on automation as you keep posting content that your followers create for you!

Video is now the King of content! And you should not limit yourself from using it even if you have budget constraints. We hope the above-mentioned low-budget video content ideas will help your brand reach new heights. Love reading this post? Check out the other informative posts we have on our blog

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