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The Difference Between Awareness, Consideration and Conversion Campaigns on Facebook

6th Jan, 2021

A few decades ago, no marketer would have ever imagined having a marketing platform so powerful it could make their brands a revenue machine overnight. Facebook is everything a marketer could have asked for. It’s easy, simple, and effective. 

Still, one needs to learn the basics of Facebook advertising to build a strong foundation. In this post, we have ensured you understand the three basic Facebook ad campaigns that you will be using quite frequently - Awareness, Consideration, and Conversion.

So, without wasting any more time, let’s get into the content and understand what these three Facebook ad campaigns can do for you. Stay with us till the very end as we have a special breakdown of the campaigns, something that you can refer to whenever you are in doubt. Let’s get started!

Awareness Campaigns On Facebook  

The awareness campaigns on Facebook, as the name suggests, are to generate awareness in the target audience about a brand, product, service, or event. It is to generate interest and can even be used to expand on your existing audience. The objectives available in these campaigns are - Brand Awareness and Reach.

Let’s talk about brand awareness first: 

This is the objective used to, as we mentioned earlier, generate interest with an audience. You can use this campaign objective to increase awareness and stay on top of mind with current customers. However, this campaign objective will not result in any sort of purchase. 

The reach campaign, on the other hand, is designed to serve the ads to as many people as possible. You will reach the maximum number of potential customers for your ad budget.

Consideration Campaigns on Facebook

This is one of the most used campaigns on Facebook. It’s because it allows marketers to choose and run a campaign from six different consideration objectives - Traffic, Engagement, App installs, Video views, Lead generation, and messages. Let’s discuss each of the objectives in brief.

  1. Traffic

Want to drive traffic to your website, YouTube channel, podcast, landing page, or blog? Use this ad objective.

  1. Engagement

Not getting enough engagement on your Facebook and Instagram posts? Use this ad objective to get more page likes, event responses, and boost overall engagement.

  1. App installs

Launched a new app? Why not use this ad objective to get the downloads? Take the help of App installs to redirect customers to the App Store or Play Store.

  1. Video views

Build engagement for your brand’s videos and create an audience that you can use for this and retargeting purposes. This objective is mainly used when you have a video in your campaign.

  1. Lead generation

Collect customer data through forms available on Facebook. You don’t even need to redirect potential customers to your website. Just ask for their details on Facebook through a lead form.

  1. Messages

Want to start a conversation with your target audience? Use ‘Messages’ ad objective and connect with your customers through Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp Business, or Instagram Direct.

Conversion Campaigns on Facebook

Finally, the campaigns that will help you turn your audience into customers. Conversion campaigns will help your audience make a purchase either on Facebook or on the site you will redirect them after they click on the ad. There are three different objectives that you will work with - Conversion, Catalog sales, Store traffic.

  1. Conversions

Conversion objective is used to make your audience complete an action. The action can be opting into a list, adding payment details, making a purchase, or more.

  1. Catalog Sales

Catalog sales are used by marketers looking to generate sales for an eCommerce store. It is used mainly to promote products from your catalog. You can also use it to retarget existing customers.

  1. Store Traffic

These are used when you have a physical business location and you want potential customers to visit the store whenever they are nearby. It will help you generate foot traffic at your store at all locations.

Facebook advertising is ridiculously easy. But there will be times when you will be torn between two similar-looking Facebook ad objectives. We hope this piece of content helped you understand the effects of the campaigns and objectives. Here’s a table that you can refer to if you wish to have instant clarity on what objective falls under which campaign. 


Awareness Campaigns

Consideration Campaigns

Conversion Campaigns

Brand Awareness





Catalog Sales


App Installs

Store Traffic


Video views


Lead generation





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