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Value of Written and Video Content in Search Engine Optimisation

21st Oct, 2020

Content is the backbone of any Search Engine Optimisation marketing strategy. When it comes to SEO, you just cannot undermine the value of content, especially formats like written articles and videos. These two are the most consumed content online and therefore, it makes sense to discuss them both before we discuss how to develop an effective SEO strategy.

Content Marketing and SEO Goes Hand in Hand

Content marketing is an inseparable part of any SEO strategy. It is not only useful to SEO, but also to any branding campaign you have undertaken for your business. The basic idea of content marketing is quite straightforward - share as much useful, unique and engaging information you can, with your target audience to educate them about your products/services, market and how everything adds value to their life.

Online marketing experts, like Neil Patel, believe SEO to be all about content marketing. The idea makes sense since you will have to consistently push out high-quality content in SEO. While SEO is more about getting your business website to rank higher, coupling the strategy with content marketing will help you reap great results from the rank boosts.

Search Engine Optimisation will involve optimising the website for a better user experience. But the content on the site serves the purpose of a salesperson that works 24/7. In other words, your SEO strategy will work if your content marketing strategy makes sense. And most importantly, most of the content you produce will be written and graphical since that is what makes the most impact today.

How Written Content Improves SEO?

You will find yourself spending a lot of your resources on written content. That is because people are looking for solutions to their problems in the written form. A simple Google search displays millions of results and most of the results are blogs, forums, or business websites.

These sites thrive on written content. And they would, since written content comes with many benefits. Firstly, and most importantly, it gives you ample space to place your target keywords. If you spend time learning about content structure, you will find that there are many places you can place your primary and secondary keywords or search terms.

It is this ability that allows marketers to optimise content with precision and makes written content a major part of any SEO strategy. Next, you have an opportunity to dive deeper into the subject matter and make the information more comprehensive. Lastly, written content puts you in a great position to further repurpose the content and turn it into other useful assets.

Here are the different forms of written content you can create for your brand:

  1. Blog Posts
  2. White Papers
  3. eBooks
  4. Case Studies
  5. Guides
  6. Testimonials
  7. Customer Success Stories
  8. Resource Centres

How Video Content Improves SEO?

Video is all the rage today when it comes to online marketing. Although the scope for optimising video content for search engine ranking is quite limited, you still have enough reasons to create and optimise video content for your SEO strategy.

Video is the form of content that is most consumed online. From social media platforms to Search Engines, video has truly redefined what we knew about online marketing. There are many reasons why video has been so successful for brands.

Firstly, it is more personal. Do a quick comparison between a person writing a blog post and the same person standing in front of a camera, explaining the same content. Which one would you choose? Video, of course. Well, it is because you get to know about the person sharing the information in a more personal way.

Secondly, video content makes a huge impact. If you can create high-quality and informative videos regularly, it will become easier for your target audience to trust you. Making your videos more impactful will eventually increase the number of leads you get on whichever platform you share the content.

Lastly, video content is the future. Given the recent trends of video marketing and search engines getting smart enough to understand the purpose of videos, you will never go wrong with video. At the moment, you can optimise your video for SEO by writing a killer description and carefully placing your target keywords.

Final Thoughts

Since both these content formats are important, we highly recommend using them together in your SEO strategy. You can even repurpose both the content interchangeably to get more out of your content marketing efforts. Wonder how you can build a successful SEO strategy for your brand? Connect with us today!

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