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What Do You Need to Implement an Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy?

20th Nov, 2020

Digital Marketing

Planning and executing an integrated digital marketing strategy is not child’s play. It requires you to prepare yourself and your team members for a major learning experience. An integrated digital marketing strategy needs you to consider all the available digital channels, finding the right ones for your brand, and then allocating your resources efficiently. However, there are a few prerequisites that you need to fulfill before you head on to execute an integrated digital marketing strategy.

Prerequisites to Implementing an Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy

1. Knowing Your Target Audience

No digital marketing strategy can ever come into shape if you don’t know who you are creating it for. Of course, the idea is to achieve the set marketing goals through an integrated digital marketing strategy. But at the end of the day, you will only be as valuable as the value you provide your audience. How can you do that? The first step to do that is determining your target audience. Conduct in-depth research to figure out the demographic and psychographic attributes of your audience.


2. Shortlisting and Finalizing Your Channels

Going digital doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be everywhere. However, there are many online platforms that should not be ignored. Channels like email, social media, search engines, and paid advertising are all important but have different impacts. It is, therefore, vital that you figure out what you want to achieve from your integrated digital marketing strategy. Having clarity over your objectives will give you clarity over the required channels. Connect with us to know more about the channels that your business model should need.


3. Ensuring Consistency Across All Channels

The visuals across all the digital channels should be consistent. The users landing on them should be able to identify the visuals with your brand. Moreover, you should also deliver the same message across the channels. In other words, your channels should deliver the same feel and style - something that will be unique to your brand. Develop a document your team can refer to when they need to know what colors, fonts, graphics they should be using throughout your integrated digital marketing campaign.


4.Consistent Quality Content

‘Content is king’, although a cliche, is an important statement. It is virtually how you are communicating with your audience. Content, and its quality can make or break your integrated digital marketing campaign. Creating compelling content on a consistent basis is a challenge that you should be up for. Broadcasting on different channels will also require you to repurpose the content to ensure the content pieces feel native to the platforms.

5. Uniformity of Message

Uniformity of the message you convey across the channels is important for the effective functioning of the sales funnel. This is because you don’t want the visitors landing from a social media platform like Facebook to your website, consuming two different versions of the same content. The digital channels should be able to complement each other and should be optimized for the same keywords and phrases. The style of writing might change, but the information should not. Uniformity and consistency, we believe, can only be achieved when all the members of your team work together and are on the same page.


6. Setting Up Analytics to Assess

Tracking and assessing the performance of your integrated digital marketing campaign is vital to your brand’s online success. You need to understand that customers don’t convert on the first attempt to influence their decision. You will have to keep coming at them with better and better content that will eventually compel them to convert for you. Analyzing the performance of the campaign and then optimizing them for better results is imperative. 


Over to You

Digital marketing requires you to make all your digital channels and team members to work together. You should encourage your team to join forces and map out everything for better results. M

Conveyedore importantly, you should allow yourself to question the traditions and leave space for innovation.

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