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What is Content Marketing and why you should be using it for business?

30th Apr, 2020

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2020 Content Marketing State Of The Nation

In this article, I will discuss some factors related to Content Marketing and the benefits of how you can use content to change your entire business. As a content marketing expert, I have started to see the benefits that it delivers to the clients that have implemented a strategic content marketing plan as part of their integrated digital marketing strategy. 

So what is content?  As a digital marketing agency, we know that content can manifest itself in many forms and can be distributed in a variety of different ways. It can take its form as an email that you send to a client, an article for your blog, a video on Youtube or even a direct mail. I suppose that you could say its any form of material that is developed to promote a business, brand or person. 

In its simplest format and for the purpose of my thoughts that will follow below, when I use the term "content" I'm referring mainly to basic "written content and video content" for your website. It's the easiest way to unpack my thinking.

So how does work?  

When content marketing is actioned as part of a bigger Integrated Digital Marketing plan is has the ability to educate, entertain and engage prospect and current consumers. It ultimately becomes the lifeblood of your digital marketing strategy and is the fuel that drives the following digital marketing services.

Search Engine Optimisation

Social Media 

UX - user experience

Not only must your content be engaging for your users to drive business value, but you should create it in such a way that the search engines find it pleasing. This will drive the value of your website up with the search engines.

Quantity vs Quality

On a very granular level, it can influence "word of mouth" which I believe is still the holy grail of marketing. It is also a tool that can be used to partner a user throughout the entire user journey. 

Sacrifice quantity for quality. When you find the correct balance you will start to see the results. 

As a content agency developing content strategies, we advocate that content is something that every business should execute because it has the ability to solve consumer problems.

Why do you need to make it? 

This is because the traditional way of marketing is slowly becoming obsolete and has made way for a more efficient and cost-effective method that is more relevant to everyday modern consumers. The content production process is relatively simple and is something that can be fun. Align this to your overall marketing efforts and in time you will see the results. 

Content marketing should be critical to any forward-thinking business that would like to reach its target audience in the best way possible. It is also a key driver of organic traffic. 

The question your should be asking yourself is this? - Do I have articles or videos on my site that explain what I/We do? Are we solving consumer-related problems with content?  

Think about this - Ever had a problem and turned to your computer, opened Google and typed in your question? The results you get from your search are all related to content that companies or institutions have loaded to their websites and have ensured it was optimised for search. Their answers to your question were delivered in the content they served you. They create content to solve real consumer problems. 

What kind of content should I make?

Your content can be in various forms, such as blog posts, articles, opinion pieces, lists, how to's, overviews, explainer videos and social media posts. Often, this content does not directly market the business, but rather encourages customers to find out more about the brand and stimulates interest in products or service offerings. It can drive lead generation too. 

A recent case study has indicated that the world's most successful large brands all make use of integrated content marketing strategies. Small and new businesses are now also doing the same thing, all for one very important reason - because it works! 

Of course, every brand has its own unique challenges, problems, and nuances. That being said, regardless of what your business does or stands for, you should have a good quality content marketing strategy in place if you would like to remain relevant. A Digital Agency like Ideation Digital is a full-service digital agency that can assist with all Internet marketing services

Generally speaking, content marketing can have great benefits for your company in that you can enjoy an increase in sales, save money on your bottom line and gain better and more loyal customers who will make repeat purchases. 

It is highly recommended that you consult with an expert who can assist you with this process. 

If you answer no to any of the following then give us a shout.

 Is your website content covering every aspect of your business. Across all products and services. Has it been optimised and is it ranking? 
 Is your social media marketing structured, planned and aligned to your overall strategy? 
 Is your SEO (or search engine optimization) campaign working and are you being rewarded by major search engines for relevant, consistent and high-quality information on your website. 
 In terms of public relations, how you approach content marketing should reflect your values as a company. Is what you are producing connecting with your readers, is it relevant to what they care about the most?

A good strategy is also important if you would like your PPC (pay-per-click) strategy to work better because PPC campaigns with good quality content are far more effective. 

The bottom line is this! We can all use the internet to promote ourselves, our business and our services. We never could reach as many people as possible as we can now to tell them, Who we are, What we do, and why we do it! 

If you need assistance then please feel free to mail and let's get a strategy going for your business. We have a pool of content writers and video production capabilities that we can use to help your business. 

Ideation Digital is a full-service digital marketing solutions provider and we cover and can assist with all aspects of your digital marketing requirements. We love to produce content that ranks. 

The game of content marketing is not a quick fix and is more a marathon than a sprint. Its is also an investment that will never stop working for you. What you put on your website today has the potential to last a lifetime and assist people for generations to come.

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