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Why to consider adopting an Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy

30th Apr, 2020

Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy

Consider adopting an Integrated Digital Marketing strategy?

If you run an SME business and are considering ways to improve your overall marketing and sales objectives, you should probably take the time to look into the term  "integrated digital marketing”.

In these modern times, it is vital for all business today to have a content-rich website that is promoted by a solid digital marketing strategy.  

It is important to understand this term and to know how it can effectively be applied to your business. 

So, what is it? Well, although it may sound like a complicated idea, it is rather easy to understand. Generally, it involves integrating various digital marketing services that together can benefit your business and the promotion thereof. It’s a basic strategy that uses a strategic blend of relevant digital communication channels to maximise a return on spend. 

Its can be implemented to achieve a range of marketing objectives that are all aligned to where the consumer is on their user/buyer journey. Its strategies can be customised and executed to build content that stimulates customer engagement along each step of the buying journey.

The consumer buying journey or cycle:

Awareness - I did not know that this brand existed, now I do!

Interest - They look legit let me take a deeper look.

Consideration - I’m on your website and looking around 

Evaluation - The information you have supplied has been helpful, 

Decision - I now trust the product because I have all the info to make a final decision

Purchase - I choose you! 

Repeat - I enjoyed my first experience with you so will use you again.

Loyalty - I’ve now been using this product for 2 years 

Advocacy - Have you tried this product, its the best. Trust me I’ve been using it for years.

What is Integrated Digital Marketing? 

By combining the following internet marketing services,  business will see improvements in their marketing efforts and the results and the end are better ROI’s.

Search engine optimization (SEO) - The process of ensuring that your website is visible and well perceived by the global search engines. 

Social media marketing (SMM) - Using social media channels to communicate with your audience 

Pay-per-click advertising (PPC) - A digital form of advertising that is highly targeted and places your brand or message in the path of a potential prospect.

Content marketing - Telling your brand story across your website and all digital communication channels. These are the elements of your strategy that position your brand and industry leadership. 

Web development and design - The design of user-friendly and search engine approved websites for Mobile and Desktop.

With an effective strategy, your customers can enjoy a user-friendly and pleasant experience when dealing with your business. 

Think of your website as your company’s digital reception area. Once a path for a potential user to engage with your brand has been created, it is recommended you have a welcoming and professional website. Your website should be easy to navigate and must encourage visitors to stay, explore and engage with the content that you have on your site that overviews and teaches your audience about the products you offer.

In a seamless and holistic way, your strategy combines your business’s marketing communications to move consumers from the top of your buyer funnel through to the bottom. 

With the help of various channels, an integrated digital marketing strategy will help with your approach to public relations, advertising, social media, digital communications, sales, and social media.

It creates one seamless marketing force.

The process of integrated digital marketing ensures that your brand has a clear and unified voice across all digital marketing channels and that it is specifically targeted towards your target audience and is aligned to their user journey. 

Implementing a strategy like this can have a very positive impact on your business and it is critical to know how you can apply it to your brand. 

The benefits of Integrated Digital Marketing:
Increased conversions

Greater brand visibility & awareness

Create trust and authority

Rise above your competition

Saves time and money

Traditionally, marketing was a very pricey endeavour for most businesses. However, Digital marketing is more pliable and can be scaled according to any sized marketing budget, large or small. 

With a good multi-channel strategy, businesses have the potential to reach the masses or very targeted niche markets and potential customers. Affording themselves the opportunities to build brand awareness and to really engage their customers - something which has an untold advantage in terms of marketing. A professional digital marketing agency will offer these services. 

The ultimate gamechanger for when most businesses truly adapt their digital strategies is when they see the reporting. All digital marketing can be tracked and reported so true ROI’s can be established. 

The world of digital marketing is evolving and business who are adopting digital-first strategies should consider employing the services of reliable digital marketing experts who can show them the results they promise and provide digital marketing assistance.

As a digital marketing company, Ideation Digital is positioned and experienced to assist you with your digital marketing needs. Visit our website or reach out to us via our social media channels. 

As a digital marketing agency in South Africa, we want to all business who adopt these strategies succeed.

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