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Ideation Digital joins forces with Adreach

4th Jul, 2023

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To bring an amplified OOH + Online Marketing solution to South African Businesses!


Ideation Digital and Adreach have partnered to provide an amplified out-of-home (OOH) and online marketing solution that will be a game-changer for South African businesses. 

By combining the strengths of both companies, they are offering a comprehensive and integrated marketing approach that spans both physical and digital channels.


Who is Adreach?


Adreach Group is a prominent company in the field of Out-of-Home advertising and integrated marketing solutions in South Africa. 

Established in 1998 by CEO Brad Fisher, Adreach Group has grown to become the third-largest Out of Home Media Owner in the country. They specialise in Street Pole Advertising and manage over 90% of all Street Pole Advertising nationwide.


What does Adreach offer to South African businesses?


The company's primary focus is on providing high exposure at cost-effective prices, offering the highest recall among all Out-of-Home media options. Adreach Group dominates the market for targeted messaging and brand storytelling in the Out-of-Home advertising sector.

In addition to its business operations, Adreach Group has a strong commitment to community development and supporting small businesses. They have been actively involved in various initiatives through their Adopt-a-Project philosophy. 

Some notable projects include Adreach Adopt-a-Light, which facilitated the electrification of Alexandria and Soweto; Adreach Adopt-a-Club, which established a Youth Development Initiative centred around swimming and canoeing; Adreach Adopt-a-Project, which launched WastePreneurs to empower waste pickers and promote recycling; and Adopt-a-River, an environmental initiative fostering partnerships for the benefit of South Africa's waterways.

Adreach Group boasts a diverse client base of over 2,000 advertisers, ranging from large corporations to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMMEs). Throughout its history, the company has prioritised driving community development, empowering SMMEs, and making a positive impact on society.


What is Out-of-Home advertising?

OOH advertising is a powerful tool for reaching a wide audience and creating brand awareness. It includes various formats like billboards, street pole ads, transit advertising, and street furniture. 


Who is Ideation Digital?


Ideation Digital is a proudly all-female owned South African company specialising in integrated digital marketing solutions and digital marketing technology solutions. With a history of over 15 years combined experience in the marketing & advertising industry, digital transformation in marketing and advertising and digitisation of sales, Ideation Digital offers a fully comprehensive approach to integrated digital marketing solutions.

They aim to help businesses grow and succeed in the digital world by leveraging the power of technology and innovative strategies.

The company offers a range of services, including website development, social media marketing, search engine optimisation (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), content marketing and web-based solutions like hosting, lead portals, call tracking and more, all to compliment digital advertising efforts.

They have a team of experienced and certified professionals who are passionate about delivering high-quality results and helping clients achieve their marketing goals.


What does Ideation offer to South African businesses?


Ideation Digital emphasises the importance of collaboration and communication with their clients. They believe in building strong relationships and understanding their clients' unique needs and objectives. By working closely with clients, they are able to create customised digital solutions that align with their business goals and target audience.

The company takes pride in their expertise and knowledge in the digital marketing and digital technology fields. They stay up to date with the latest industry trends and technologies to ensure that their clients receive cutting-edge solutions. 

Ideation Digital also values transparency and honesty in their work, providing clients with regular updates and insights into their projects.


What are digital marketing and digital technology solutions?


Digital marketing refers to the use of digital channels and technologies to promote products, services, and brands. It encompasses various strategies and tactics aimed at reaching and engaging a target audience through online platforms such as websites, search engines, social media, email, mobile apps, and more.

Digital technology solutions, on the other hand, are the tools and technologies utilised to implement and optimise digital marketing efforts. These solutions enable businesses to leverage the power of digital platforms and data to enhance their marketing effectiveness, improve customer targeting and segmentation, track campaign performance, and drive better results.

Overall, digital marketing and digital technology solutions provide businesses with powerful tools to reach and engage their target audience, drive brand awareness, generate leads, increase conversions, and ultimately grow their business in the digital landscape.


Welcome to aimedia: A joint-venture between Ideation & Adreach


Ideation Digital in collaboration with Adreach, proudly offers a combined online and OOH media purchase, in one product. The integration of digital media with an OOH campaign amplifies a business’s real-life marketing presence with their presence online.


Rationale behind aimedia:


Understanding that both businesses seek to uplift South African business through integrated marketing solutions, combined with extensive market research, it is noted that post-pandemic there was a 45% increase in consumers noticing OOH ads. 66% of those consumers digitally search, after seeing an OOH ad, creating the perfect opportunity to offer a single product that caters to business marketing needs.

At the same time, the integration of online marketing with OOH brings an additional layer of targeting, interactivity, and measurability to an OOH campaign. Online marketing encompasses various strategies such as search engine marketing, social media advertising, and display advertising. By leveraging digital platforms, businesses can connect with their target audience more effectively and track the impact of their marketing campaigns.

The combined offering of Ideation Digital and Adreach can provide South African businesses with a comprehensive marketing solution that maximises their reach and impact. With OOH and online marketing working together, businesses can achieve a cohesive and synchronised marketing approach that captures both the offline and online audiences.

Overall, this partnership between Ideation Digital and Adreach has the potential to revolutionise the way South African businesses approach their marketing efforts, allowing them to leverage the strengths of both OOH and online marketing to drive growth and success.


The Absolute Package: Unpacked


The Absolute package from aimedia includes:

  • 12x hyper-localised street pole ads
  • Objective based Google Ads campaigns through Display, Search, Shop, App or Video, aligned to the objective of the campaign
  • SEO services that combine advanced tagging, tracking, user experience optimisations and landing page relevance optimisations that enhance the campaign
  • Objective-based paid social media campaigns across Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn again aligned to the overall objective of the campaign


The combination offers a cost-effective, efficient and integrated media buy with advanced reporting, ultimately increasing marketing Return on Investment (ROI).

The experienced sales team at Adreach and Ideation Digital can assist you with the purchase of the Absolute package.

Contact us today for integrated campaigns that deliver.

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