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Who is Ideation Digital and why are we making waves in the world of digital marketing?

9th Dec, 2021

Who is Ideation Digital and why are we making waves in the world of digital marketing

Ideation Digital is a proudly South African Digital Marketing Agency that is well equipped with a youthful, innovative and experienced team of internationally and locally accredited digital marketers.  Our passion is digital marketing and we strive to partner with and assist start-up businesses, SME’s, as well as larger business organisations in their digital transformation journey. We offer fully integrated digital marketing solutions.

We take all our customers through an educational, hands-on journey to learn and understand the digital marketing function. We assist with full marketing strategies delivered through all digital channels. With structured planning and comprehensive reporting, we are geared to improve your digital marketing presence and performance.


What is happening with Digital Marketing in 2022

Marketing Digitisation is a rapid and continuously evolving service and from first-hand experience, there are not enough qualified and invested individuals in South Africa, to effectively assist businesses with their digital transformation plan. The opportunities that online platforms offer businesses cannot be ignored for continued business success. Businesses need to be where their customers are, and consumers are definitely searching for product and service related information online and communicating by engaging on various online platforms.

To view more information on the rapid shift in consumer buying behaviour and increase in South African user penetration, read our article: 10 Reasons why you should include Digital Marketing in your Marketing Mix now.

Consumers are being educated with valuable product and service related information and entertained by clever brand storytelling. The rapid increase in numbers of people on the internet in South Africa is astounding and now is the time to take advantage of this massive opportunity to add to your marketing arsenal. Whether marketing your brand or exploring additional sales channels, using social selling or an e-commerce platform, the world of digital marketing is available to everyone.


What does Ideation Digital offer?

Ideation Digital confidently offers a full service of Integrated Digital Marketing Solutions. We are based in Midrand, Gauteng, South Africa and service clients throughout the continent, reaching all corners of the globe via the world wide web. Our team has adapted to a hybrid working model to maintain efficiencies and still benefit from team collaboration and support, which drives our digital innovation and modern marketing solutions. Remote or onsite, our dedicated team rises to the challenges of meeting deadlines and maintaining high standards of customer service.

Ideation Digital develops and executes Integrated Digital Marketing Strategies for efficient implementation and monthly management, through powerful data management software and knowledgeable, empowered and certified staff. We partner with companies that require the services of digital marketing professionals to support marketing teams or drive digital lead generation campaigns for sales teams.


How does Ideation Digital offer integrated digital marketing services?

We assess your current digital health and get to understand your business and unique market conditions to highlight opportunities and set achievable and measurable goals, in line with your business objectives. We collaborate with your organisation executives and marketing and sales teams, to develop the right strategies and digital marketing solutions for your business.

Our approach is comprehensive and strategic. Our combined team experience across the Digital Marketing disciplines allows us to formulate digital strategies that are rich in real-time data, are relevant and results-driven. Our hand-held, educational approach enables us to share our expertise with our clients who commit to the partnership and who are fully invested in our solutions offered. We are target driven and solutions focused and pride ourselves in adding value every step of the way.


Why Ideation Digital is in business

“We are digital marketing evangelists who are driven by a passion to deliver results and right-the-wrongs of under-qualified digital marketing agencies,” says Tamzin Janse van Vuuren, Managing Director, Ideation Digital.

Our drive to help South African companies succeed in their digital transformation journey is key to our success. When our clients succeed, so do we and this ultimately contributes to the economic growth of South Africa. We have a desire to be part of the solution and to see South African businesses succeed in all market sectors. Our client base is diverse which keeps our team searching for information and interpreting data to gain valuable insights across numerous market sectors. The efficient interpretation of the data allows us to respond with agility and to adapt strategies to market sector trends, whether they be seasonal or have other external drivers. We place an emphasis on data-driven insights into customer triggers and strive to achieve the right message to the right customer at the right time.

Our founding members all have experience in the processes and requirements of Digital Migration, Business Digitisation, and all aspects of the Digital Marketing landscape. Our capabilities allow us to Strategize, Implement and Manage our client's monthly digital marketing activities. We have a skilled team using efficient technology systems and automation processes to achieve seemingly impossible things. Our responsiveness and adaptability to an ever-changing dynamic platform and digital environment drives strategic, creative thinking, creative execution and innovative solutions.

We have first-hand experience to showcase that Integrated Digital Marketing Solutions executed correctly will have a massive impact on search results and your overall business performance online. We are committed to achieving results and delivering a tangible return on investment for all our clients. Performance results are monitored, documented and presented throughout campaigns where KPI’s are an integral part of the digital marketing roadmap considering the tailor-made solutions for your business.


What we do at Ideation Digital with our services and product offering delivers results and exceeds expectations

Our services and solutions include the following;

·         Integrated Digital Marketing strategy, execution and implementation

·         Google Ads: Search, Display, Video & Shop

·         Search Engine Optimization

·         Social Media Strategy, Management – follower growth and paid social media campaigns & Social Media Content Creation

·         Content Strategy & Content Creation – Design, Written, Video

·         Comprehensive Reporting through Google Analytics, Search Console and many more.


Before we propose a tailor-made solution, we first take the time to understand:

  • Your overall digital health through a digital audit

  • Who your competitors are and what makes you unique or different from them

  • What your marketing objectives are

  • Who your typical customers are


Further to the above, we can also assist you with:

·         Brand Audits or Brand Establishments

·         Creative Strategies

·         Communication Strategies

·         Content Production Strategies (Both Written Content & Video Content)

·         Social media calendars and dynamic, creative content

·         All Google platform setups

·         Your website management or development


Once we better understand your business positioning and what you want to achieve, our digital marketing strategists gather the research and information provided and strategically plan an effective integrated digital marketing strategy for your business, through the following channels:

  • Your website

  • Google Ads – incorporating Search Ads, Video Ads, Display Ads and Shop Ads

  • Search Engine Optimisation

  • Integrated marketing communications strategies like content planning and content generation

  • Google My Business

  • Social Media Platforms, Communities & Paid Marketing

  • And any extra digital marketing services your business may need including display advertising with big local publishers, email campaigns or SMS campaigns

For businesses, we at Ideation Digital, take the time to fully analyse your current digital health as well as understand your core marketing objectives, typical customers, competitor landscape and more, before we present and implement a digital marketing strategy for your business.


We take the time to understand the following, before planning your campaign strategy with an integrated approach:

·         Defining your campaign goals. No campaign can be effective without a clear goal or goals from the outset.

·         Identify who you are targeting with your campaign. Campaigns are a great vehicle for honing in on specific audience segments in your target market. Your target market consists of a shared set of traits, behaviours, interests and values that represent your target audience, ideal customer or current buyer.

·         Choosing your digital channels with the target audience in mind and what will work for your business: Successful digital marketing campaigns often involve a mix of touchpoints including your website, content, emails, social media and paid ads.

·         Your digital marketing capabilities and content production expertise in house.

·         Your website platform, performance, CMS and any maintenance requirements.

·         Your budget. We assist you to identify and work through any costs your digital marketing campaign may incur so that together we can build a feasible plan that fits your budget. Your campaign budget not only shapes your paid advertising strategy - such as which channels you advertise on, the types of ads you run, or how long you run them. It also informs resourcing decisions. Consider whether you’ll need to hire any third-party designers, developers, or content writers to get the work done on time.


Digital Marketing for Digital Lead Generation: Meet Lead Launcher 

Ideation Digital also offers a unique lead generation solution for businesses that have limited capability or budget constraints.

Lead Launcher® is an inbound lead generator and sales enabler service dedicated to and developed for small to medium businesses. It is implemented and managed on your behalf by our internal certified digital marketing team.

Businesses can join our base of over 180 satisfied clients who have all seen positive monthly lead growth since joining the Lead Launcher® program.

Lead Launcher® = More Leads

Lead Launcher® = Higher Engagement

Lead Launcher® = Increased Sales Opportunities


Need Lead Launcher® but don't have sufficient digital assets?

Another exciting product offering now available tests the ability and performance of a sales funnel to the maximum. This product is ideal for customers who don’t necessarily have a strong digital presence or even a website but would like to take advantage of the powerful lead generating capabilities and single-minded objective of generating and concluding a deal or sale. If this peaks your interest then you need to get in touch with our sales team who will explain in detail the numerous benefits of having a direct line to an additional sales channel without all the fuss.

Funnel BossTM is a cost-efficient and extremely effective digital marketing product suitable for small to medium-size businesses or any business that needs a direct digital marketing route to a qualified lead and/or a sale.


Digital marketing will get you where you need to be, where your customers are and when they are looking for information, relating to your products or services

There is no doubt digital transformation should be top of the list for all businesses to successfully navigate into the future. According to DATAREPORTAL, there are 38.19 million internet users in South Africa, as of January 2021. There are also 25 million social media users in South Africa, as of January 2021.

The reason digital marketing is taking the world by storm is because consumer buying behaviour has changed. Think about your own behaviours – how you research and search for products, where you spend most of your time when online, where you have the most conversations. New technologies like Wi-Fi and wearable technologies like smartwatches make the internet easily available.

Integrated Digital Marketing Solutions from Ideation Digital will deliver results and we show you how, every step of the way, to a real return on investment.


The Ideation Digital promise:

We will partner with you and guide you on your digital marketing journey.

We will improve your digital performance and increase your digital footprint.

We will help your company embrace digitisation with the ultimate objective of delivering measurable results for a better future.


If you feel like we could be a good fit, we would love to hear from you.

Call us on 010 001 0122 or email


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